A Guide to Pour Over Coffee Brewing at Home

Choose the right pour over coffee maker

There are many different types of pour over coffee makers available, such as Hario V60, Chemex, Kalita Wave, and Aeropress. Each has its own unique design and brewing process, so choose the one that suits your taste and budget.

Use fresh, high-quality coffee beans

Freshly roasted coffee beans will produce a better tasting cup of coffee than stale ones. Look for high-quality beans that are roasted within the past two weeks and stored properly.

Weigh your coffee and water

Using a digital kitchen scale to weigh your coffee and water will ensure consistency and accuracy in your brewing. Aim for a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:16 (1 gram of coffee per 16 grams of water) as a starting point.

Grind your coffee correctly

The grind size will vary depending on the type of pour over coffee maker you are using. As a general rule, a medium-coarse grind is recommended for most pour over methods. However, you may need to adjust the grind size to suit your taste.

Preheat your pour over coffee maker

Preheating your pour over coffee maker will help to maintain the temperature of the water and ensure that the coffee grounds are evenly extracted. Simply rinse the filter and pour some hot water through the coffee maker before brewing.

Pour water in a circular motion

Pour the hot water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion, starting from the center and working your way outwards. This helps to ensure that all the coffee grounds are evenly saturated.

Control the flow rate

Controlling the flow rate of the water is important for a consistent brew. Pour the water slowly and evenly, and adjust the flow rate by controlling the speed at which you pour.

Experiment with different brewing techniques

Don't be afraid to experiment with different brewing techniques and variables such as the coffee-to-water ratio, water temperature, brew time, and pouring technique. This will help you to find the perfect recipe for your taste buds.

Clean your equipment

After brewing, be sure to clean your pour over coffee maker and all equipment thoroughly to prevent any buildup of coffee oils or residue that can affect the flavor of your next brew.

Enjoy your coffee mindfully

Take a moment to appreciate the aroma, flavor, and texture of your freshly brewed cup of pour over coffee. Savor each sip and enjoy the moment of relaxation that comes with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

By following these tips and best practices, you'll be well on your way to brewing delicious pour over coffee at home like a pro!

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