The Backstory

The Coffee Brewer’s Logbook is the brainchild of two brothers with a hankering for delicious coffee and great design. Both lived in coffee cities; Jeff in Portland, Oregon, and Jay in Austin, Texas, and they found that manual coffee brewing was a fun way to keep in touch. After many months of sharing ratios, brew times, and pictures of grind sizes over text messages, they thought there must be a better way to organize this data. 

As they tracked and shared recipes with one another, they also started to brew better coffee. This is when they decided to create something that would help people simplify the dialing-in process, brew better coffee, and enjoy the process of finding the perfect recipe for any coffee and brew method.

Inspired by Aviation

When designing the product, the brothers agreed on a few basic requirements - The product must help you brew better coffee,  be enjoyable to use, and look good sitting on your coffee bar. The logbook’s design pays homage to the classic logbooks that pilots use to document their flights. The design is minimal, functional, and elegant in its simplicity. 

All logbooks are professional grade and made in the U.S.A.

“We hope you enjoy using our logbook, but most of all, we hope it helps you brew your best coffee.”

Meet the Sublett Brothers 

About Jay

During his college years, Jay started exploring manual coffee brewing with a cheap blade grinder and a French press. That French press was the start of a manual brewer collection that now includes two Hario V60s, a Kalita Wave, an Aeropress, a Chemex, a moka pot, and a Flair Pro 2 for espresso. He also acquired a burr grinder, a hand grinder, an electric gooseneck kettle with temperature control, and a few scales along the way. 

Jay’s professional background in tech created an affinity for data analysis, optimization, and organization. This love of manual coffee brewing, combined with his professional background, helped him discover a better way to dial-in different coffees across multiple brew methods. He loves to try new coffees, and he enjoys experimenting with different brew methods to discover the different flavors hidden within the same coffee.

About Jeff

Shortly after moving to Portland, Jeff realized he was around some of the best coffee in the country. The auto-drip just wasn’t going to cut it anymore, and he decided it was time to make the jump to manual coffee brewing. Luckily, Jeff’s brother Jay had made this transition years ago and was all too willing to provide purchase recommendations, various recipes, and his own custom PowerPoint presentation on manual coffee brewing. Like many, Jeff found the act of measuring, grinding, measuring again, and pouring to be an incredibly meditative way to begin the day. The discrepancies between each cup became their own interesting puzzles to solve.

Jeff owns and operates a small design house specializing in graphic design, animation, and video production. His work is made possible by the love of his family and, of course, that perfect cup of coffee in the morning.